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FESBC Meets Prime Minister

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We are an Audible Voice For the indeginous businesses, advocating for fair trade and better business opportunities





Established in the year 2000 to protect and protect the interests of indigenous businesses, ensuring their beneficiation in the local economy, the Federation of Eswatini Business Community (FESBC) is a membership-based federation that is primarily representative of local small and medium enterprises. Based in Manzini, the hub of the kingdom of Eswatini, the Federation has a membership of more than 200 members, comprising active and non-active members which are individual businesses and groupings of businesses such as sector associations. FESBC is led by a National Executive that reports to the General Assembly, which is the highest decision-making body of the Federation. Below the National Executive (NE), there is a Secretariat that is tasked with the day-to-day running of the Federation’s business, led by the Chief Operating Officer. Through its 1st Vice President, the National Executive plays an active role in guiding the Secretariat, playing a closer role than the rest of the team. Talk to us if you have anything.

FESBC Vission

The long-term perspective of the Federation is to become an audible voice for indigenous business which will be empowered enough for sustainability, ensuring access to capital and business opportunities in the country and elsewhere. The ease with which indigenous business are able to start, access capital, trade and grow and eventually play a significant and meaningful role in the country economic growth is a situation envisaged by the Federation through its existence and facilitation.

FESBC Mission

The Federation’s key mandate and deliverable is representing membership in national and international policy development that affect business, playing a strong advocacy role that leads to business growth and sustainability. The Federation also prioritizing the proper coordination and empowerment of its members. Networking, capacity building and information dissemination for opportunities are crucial components of the work of the Federation

FESBC Core Values

The Federation’s constitution enlists the values of accountability, inclusiveness, integrity and professionalism as central to the organization’s agenda and operations. .Accountability .Inclusiveness .Integrity .Professionalism

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Strategic Objectives

Membership Management

To attract and maintain an increasing membership of the Federation. To increase Visibility of FESBC through-out the Kingdom. To improve membership access to finance.To improve the business management capacity of the member-businesses

Governance & Coordination

To strengthen the governance of the Federation. To improve Federation coordination and administrative capacity.

Policy Advocacy & Representation

To promote and protect the interest of business and labour in the policy and legal space.

Funding & Investments

Recapitalize FESBC by at least E5 Million by end September 2023. Ensure financial sustainability of the Federation.

FESBC Members

Some of our Valuable Members

  • All
  • Retail and General Supply
  • Printing and Publishing
  • Constructions
  • Services
  • Finance


  1. -Tax compliance services
  2. -ENPF Compliance services
  3. -Labour Compliance application
  4. -Health and Safety compliance services
  5. -Environmental Assessments and compliance services
  6. -Revenue Leakage auditing services
  7. -Accounting and Finance Services to final statement of accounts
  8. -General secretarial services
  9. -Training provisions
  10. -Human Resource services

FESBC Staff And Executive Members

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